How Superpower Was Born from Ashes

Our founder, SIR Evans, knows a thing or two about life kicking you when you’re down. Losing a mother, sister, father, and brother would be enough to break anyone. But not SIR. He weighed in at 525 pounds over a decade ago and transformed his life using—wait for it—a plan. So, when he says the Superpower Planner is a game-changing tool that can save lives, he’s speaking from the trenches of personal adversity. He’s living proof that intentional planning can bring you back from the brink and rocket you toward your life’s purpose.

The Secret Sauce: The Superpower Success System

Enough about us. Let’s talk about our elixir—the Superpower Success System. Think of it as your personal life coach squeezed into the pages of your planner. We’re not about lofty ambitions without the stepping stones to get there. Nope. We start small—like “wake-up-five-minutes-early-to-count-your-blessings” small. From that kernel, we build, one achievable goal at a time, into a towering life of purpose and impact. Our planner isn’t just filled with empty pages; it’s jam-packed with motivational kicks and inspirational nudges to make sure you don’t just plan to succeed, you execute to succeed.

Who We Serve: The Momentum Makers

Who’s it for? The go-getters. The dream-chasers. Those walking, talking engines of ambition we like to call Momentum Makers. Whether you’re a man or primarily one of our strong female customers, whether you’re from the corporate world or the world of arts, we know you’re united by your unwavering commitment to purpose. Our planner doesn’t discriminate—it empowers. .