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Frequently Asked Questions

The 2022 Superpower planners are available November 1st 2021

The exterior design is the biggest difference between the two planners. The 1st edition is designed in the traditional planner format. It is also the only one that has the 16 Gig Flash drive and the LED “What is Your Superpower?” emblem on the front. The 2nd edition is designed a little sleeker and business casual. However, both planners have the same charging capabilities. A wireless charger and a built-in 8000Mah Charger. Also, the planner page layouts are the same on the inside.

1st edition: Platinum Black, Dusk Grey, & Hunter Green

2nd Edition: Russet Brown, Carnation & Sky Blue

 (If the color is not available then it is currently sold out)

Shipping is between 7-10 Business days. Please allow extra time for delivery. Planes, Trains, and automobiles have all been delayed due to the impact of the pandemic. However, we will be shipping out as fast as we can! 

You can see the status of your order at any time by logging into your account. Please keep in mind that the “ship by/promise date” is our best guesstimate as to when your package will ship, based upon postal services. But many outside factors could change your ship date. If you are notified via e-mail of your shipment after 5 PM Central Time, your order may not ship until the next business day. Thank you for understanding! 

The tracking number should be located in your account. Its also within your shipment confirmation email (not order confirmation email). This would’ve been the second email that you received. If you are unable to find your tracking number, just email us at [email protected] 

Email us right away at [email protected] with your name and order number. We’ll send you a new planner immediately! 

We are not currently making a digital version of our content because it’s not in the current trend. However, you can always sign up for our morning inspiration texts by texting “Motivate Me” to this number: (202) 918-3480